About Me


Nasirujjaman Shimul

Hello There, This is Md. Nasirujjaman Shimul. I'm a student of Computer Science and Engineering. I have another introduction that I can share with you is I am a Level-2 seller at Fiverr of website designing and developing. I am also web designer at Upwork.

History of my study

The name of my first school is KHUBJIPUR GOVERNMENT PRIMARY SCHOOL.

I can't remember clearly but I think it was 1999 when I started my first institutional study and it still continuing. Some of my favorite teacher was Md.Rahman Sir we used to address him as Rahmat Sir, Rauson Ara mam, Shahida mam and some other teacher whom I can't remember now a days. My class friends were Rony,Miraj,Shiblu,Sreety,Fatema,Atik and so on. Rahmat Sir was really very wise and dedicated person about our study. I still can remember that he used to take extra class of the student of Class-5 after the class period has over. He didn't asked any tuition fee for it. Actually it was a tradition they created at that time that we need not to do any extra tuition for the next Scholarship exam which was in front of us. He retired from the school about year of 2006/2007( I actually can't remember the year) but still he used to take class for free in the institution. Actually at that time they were very much dedicated to teach the kids. Here I want to make one thing clear that all the teachers maintained this tendency. In the year 2004 I passed the Primary level and leave the school .

After that I admitted KHUBJIPUR ML HIGH SCHOOL.

My favorite teacher was Mr.Shafiqul Islam. I still remember other some teacher such as Rentu Ali, Mr.Anisur Rahman, Afsana mam. Some of my class mates in this level are Hasan , Atik , Alamgir , Al-Amin , Rina , Mousumi and so on. Shafiqul Sir was another person whom I always remember as my English learning founder. He teaches such a way that it seemed very much easy. We didn't have any idea how much he taught us when we were the student of that school. But we can realize the foundation when we admitted at the higher secondary level. I still can remember that I got 23 out of 25 in Dhaka University admission test though for some reason I couldn’t admitted there. Here I spend some good time as academic facility. Every teacher treated me as a good student as well they also loved me very much. I also showed them the result and I got Scholarship in class-8. Actually this is the turning point of my life. I stood among first 3 students of my class and got several prizes for it. I got first 3 times of the ChalanBil Medhabikash Faundation award as well other some awards in the year 2008 , 2009 , 2010 ,2011. I used to perform debate in the annual function of our school. After that I passed the SSC in the year 2011 with GPA-5 and leave the school.


It's stated that in SSC and HSC I achieved GPA-5.My favorite teacher was Mujibur Rahman. Some of my class mates are Anik, Kawser, Goni , Rakib, Wadud and some others. Mujibur Sir used to teach us Physics. He taught us such a way that we need not to study Physics at home. He used to teach us any lesson in class or tuition and as soon as the lesson completes he asked us the whole lesson and he had taught us such a way that we could tell him the whole lesson. Actually most of the time I could catch his lesson more quickly than other and I used to tell him the lesson. That’s why he liked me very much. For first year I lived in the mess named “NUR MESS” and in the Second year I “ MAHAL PUKUR” mess. In the year 2013 I passed the HSC exam and got GPA-5 again as well left the college.

My current state of study

Currently I am a student of International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT).Here I'm studding Bachelor Of Computer Science. I had admitted in the year 2014 and I hope my study will be completed in 2018. Here I have been introduced some courses like Programming-C,Programming-C++,C-#,Computer-Graphics,Computer Operating System,Network Communication,Database Management,Business Communication ect. Here I have some good friends who supports very much such as Prince, Emran, Kibria, Galib and so on. I like some of my faculties such as Utpal Kanti Das sir, Mousumi mam, Krisna Das sir and so on.

Besides the institutional courses I have Done an additional Course in Softtech-It in Uttara Dhaka on web developing and designing. It's including: HTML-5 , CSS-3 , JavaScript , JQuery , PHP , MySQL. In this case I must say about my course instructor Ashraful Haq sir/vai. He is such an amazing person. He is very good in his personality. He is very much helpful. He is very much kind to all. He helped me in every stages of my freelancing carrier. All my achievement in the Web design and Developing sector comes with the hand of him.

Future plan of my study

After finishing my current study of Bachelor Science I wish I will go the CANADA for my higher study. I have a huge plan to spread my knowledge which I have gained through my learning period as well which I will learn in future to every corner of my country Bangladesh. I wish I can research in the field of Space technology. I also have plan to study in the field of game developing.